Wednesday, March 7, 2007


WOW!!! Today was incredible! Shame you weren't there! Even in the snow we had over 15 people turnout for a full day's activity! First we went to the house gallery to watch the House of Delegates proceedings and were recognized by Delegate Todd Schuler (8) recognized us in our matching blue t-shirts and green buttons (pictures to come later). The we went around the House to meet with many Delegates, especially the ones on the committee, and I am pleased to report that many said they are considering it and some who said they are supporting it, including Delegate Jane Lawton (18)!.

The hearing started at 1, and of course the Bottle Bill was last. While many advocates did have to leave, the ones who didn't made a phenomenal impact, whether testifying or just having their presence known.

NOW is the time to ratch it up! We have delegates to write personal letters to, contact, email, phone etc. Just LET THEM KNOW your stance!!! I personally am exhausted, as I am sure many of the other advocates who came out tonight are, we'll keep you updated and you keep on bottlin!

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