Sunday, March 4, 2007

Day Three

That's right! This is B minus three, just three days left until HB 839 - The Bottle Bill is heard in front of the environmental matters committee. Wondering how to get involved? Well, good news, there's still time!

This Wednesday CURB will be going down to meet with our legislators and would love to have you come with us! We are meeting at 9:30 in Lawyers Mall (right in front of the State House). If you are able to notify us beforehand (just by emailing us at with your district) that would be great. If you decide last minute to come, that would be great too!

Trust me when I say we are all pumped and ready to blow this hearing out of the water. There is a movement occuring in Maryland, and you CAN be a part of it.

Remember, you can help make Maryland more beautiful one bottle at a time!

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