Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I know what you're thinking. You're looking at the weather report for tomorrow, or dreading going into work, or class and thinking "If only I could go to Annapolis and help the city, State and planet. I could get out of school/work that way! It's a shame I didn't reserve for the Bottle Bill lobbying day, because that's a cause I truly believe in..."


You can still come, in fact we welcome you. We will be meeting in the State House lobby at 9:45, email us if you have specific questions!

Also, the Fiscal Note for the bill came out today. While I could try to go over it in great detail, I'll let you do that yourself just by clicking here (PDF file)

So you're wondering, what we do in the last 24 hours? Well, we work on testimony, make sure we have everything set and shine up our pins, for what is destined to be a great day in Maryland environmental history. Let's just keep on rocking and writing those legislators and contacting the media. Because tomorrow, the fight begins in earnest.

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Margie said...

My (musical) Testimony:

Testimony in Favor of HB 839
Marjorie Roswell • mroswell@gmail.com

Tune: I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General

Aluminum, and newspaper and soda cans and beer bottles
Are just a few of many treasures in our trash recyclable
For copy paper, high grade paper, cardboard, yard waste, food waste, wood
Could be recycled, composted or reused in our neighborhood!
And did you know that plastics are the up-and-coming in the field?
Of plastic bottles, milk jugs, bags, and styrofoam there is great yield
The sensible solution is to pass House Bill 839
The bottle bill's the people's will! (We hope that you are so inclined.)


Recycling saves resources
Like trees that make our forest green
Like bauxite, landfills, fossil fuels
And even keeps our roadsides clean.
Makes lots of jobs, and cuts pollution
In the air, and neighborhood
It's cost effective, non-reactive
Quite attractive, and feels good!
Recycling at curbside, while it's nice, won't (completely) solve the garbage crisis
It's a start, so I'll take heart, and hope we'll search through our devices
Citizens Use Resources much Better when they have good cause
So listen well, as I do tell, of cities with deposit laws:

Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Cape Cod, East Hampton, Flint, and Danbury
New Haven, New York City, San Francisco, Carmel By the Sea
Lackawanna, Lake View, Lansing, Lewiston, Laguna Hills,
That's just a small selection of the places with the bottle bills!
There's Hilo, Honolulu, Hana, Kilauea, Kalamazoo
And Dover, Derby, Dearborn, Dundee, Dawson, Dunkirk, Mountain View
And Portland, Plymouth, Pittsfield, Palo Alto, Prineville, Curlew, Drew
The bottle bill will be a thrill, and we know we can count on you!

So if some bureaucrat or lobbyist should say it can't be done...
Just say, "That's rubbish!," and proceed to sing to them the bottle song
The song which tells the tale of cities large and small which sort their stuff
Recovering their resources they realize once is not enough!
Aluminum, and plastic bottles, cardboard, yard waste, food waste, wood.
Could be recycled, composted, or reused in our neighborhood.

(And if they can do it, so can we!)