Thursday, March 1, 2007

And the support keeps coming!

In a response to the letters from Tom Sequella of the Maryland Retailers Association concerning the bottle bill, a letter to the editor was posted in today's Gazette:

As a resident of Frederick County, and a much larger global community, I am delighted to see that Commissioner John ‘‘Lennie” Thompson Jr. is supporting the bottle bill legislation. This bill will add Maryland to the growing list of states that are taking a strong stand for the environment and for the economy by allowing residents to receive a 5-cent refund on each bottle returned.

Using other states as examples, it has been shown that there is an average 34 percent to 45 percent reduction in litter, and $30 million extra brought into the state. Furthermore, Maryland taxpayers may be able to reduce the almost $8 million spent by the State Highway Administration for highway litter clean up.

These statistics and more information can be found at

I would urge all Maryland residents to check out the side of a bottle and see which states offer refunds. Those who wish to add Maryland to that list should contact their elected officials and ask that those legislators vote for the bottle bill.

CodyAnn McGovern, Knoxville


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