Monday, February 26, 2007

We love the Baltimore City Council

Overlooked tonight in the City Council among all the hubbub about new Council members, and a smoking ban passing was an overlooked resolution. 07-0260R introduced by James Kraft which is:

In Support of State Legislation - House Bill 839 - Environment - Recycling -
Bottle Deposits, Returns, and Refunds
FOR the purpose of supporting this legislation that would require bottle deposits,
returns, and refunds on certain beverage containers; requiring a certain person to
pay a refund under certain circumstances; requiring counties in the State to open at
least one redemption center and requiring the redemption centers to be certified by
the Department of the Environment; urging the Honorable Chair and Members of
the House Environmental Matters Committee and the Honorable Chair and
Members of the Baltimore City Delegations to the Maryland General Assembly to
support passage of the legislation and petitioning the Governor to sign the measure
into law.

The Baltimore City Council has introduced a resolution supporting the bottle bill!!! Let's send some letters to the editors and get some people showing that people in Baltimore City supports HB 839!!!

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