Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's coming!!!

Time's closing fast to the day of the BIG BOTTLE BILL BREAKOUT! I'm talking of course about March 7th, the day when the Environmental Matters Committee in the House of Delegates will be hearing the bottle bill, and seeing the sort of tremendous impact it can bring to our state. I hear you all wondering the same thing "what can I do to help? I've already contacted my legislator but I want to do more!!" Well we hear you. And here at CURB we are formulating a plan which includes WHO WHAT WHERE and WHEN. Luckily we already have the why...HB 839.

You can help by writing letters to the editor, having your friends and family contact legislators AND speak to your bosses or professors. See if you can take off some time on Wednesday to join us in Annapolis and send a message that a BOTTLE BILL is coming to Maryland because the citizens want it, and will be ready to let their legislators know.

Stay tuned...more info to come...

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