Thursday, February 1, 2007

An old profile

This is an old profile of new Delegates from Baltimore County which was in the Baltimore Examiner. That being said, Delegate Todd Schuler's response is worth noting. A Big supporter of the Bottle Bill (and our first ally), here's his profile

BALTIMORE - The following are brief profiles of the new state delegates from Baltimore County.

Name: Todd Schuler, Democrat

District: 8

Age: 29

Occupation: Workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyer

Education: Undergraduate degree from Springhill College, law degree from Tulane University

Residence: Overlea

Committee: Judiciary

Like other county rookies, Schuler said his top goal is simply to get acclimated — with a few lofty goals on the side.

Schuler said he intends to partner with Baltimore City Democrat Del. Peter Hammen to sponsor a “bottle bill” that would establish a 5-cent deposit on recyclable bottles and cans. Schuler said the average recycling rate in states with bottle bills is double that of non-bottle bill states. The program also would create jobs and curb litter and Bay pollution, he said.

“We could also turn around deposit money and invest it in Bay cleanup,” he said. “We’d raise revenue without raising taxes, so it’s an all-around win.”

Assigned to the judiciary committee, Schuler won’t likely see his bottle bill or his other priority: education. Schuler said he is looking forward to working with other county delegates to secure County Executive Jim Smith’s goal of $95 million in state funds for school renovation and construction. Schuler noted the county has the second-oldest stock of public schools in Maryland.

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