Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So you want to pass a bottle bill your state……..

As many people know by now there is an extensive effort to pass a bottle bill in Maryland this up coming legislation year. Among some of the states that currently have a bottle bill include California, Connecticut, Maine, Iowa, New York and Vermont to name a few. We hope that this year Maryland can join the group of states that have already made it a point to make recycling a top priority.

Although this process has been extremely exciting, it has also taken a lot of hard work and commitment. bottlebill.org has been a heaven sent resource! For those of you now considering working on a bottle bill for your state we HIGHLY recommend this great website. bottlebill.org has tons of great information so that anyone anywhere can get started. It breaks down what a bottle bill is and how it works so that it is easily understood. bottlebill.org also gives you facts and myths about what a bottle bill will do and not do, which come in handy when dealing with opponents. It gives your information about who has a bottle bill and who is currently working on a bottle bill, along with slide show presentations and publications. It even provides a “Toolkit for Activists”!!!!

So if you’re ready to jump on board in efforts to take better care of our environment….GOOD LUCK!.....and don’t forget bottlebill.org is there to help!

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