Thursday, January 18, 2007


Remember the old Schoolhouse Rock song “I’m just a bill”? Well it has been just like that, except a lot more complicated and our bill doesn’t speak, or sing. After drafting our original bill, we approached Todd Schuler, a new Delegate from the 8th District about sponsoring the bill. We approached Delegate Schuler for two reasons:

1) He seemed like a pretty cool guy and

2) He campaigned on the issue of the Bottle Bill and won with the issue.

Needless to say, our meeting with Delegate Schuler went smashingly and Delegate Schuler was glad to work with us, and allow us to work with him on the bill.

As we were finalizing the bill (and preparing for the Inconvenient Truth screening), we started to hear whispers of another Bottle Bill being created in Maryland. It turned out that Delegate Pete Hammen (of the 46th District…also a pretty cool guy), with a gaggle of environmentalist groups was drafting a bottle bill. While Delegate Schuler had the energy, Delegate Hammen has the pull to make it happen, and the two working together is mind-blowing. Delegate Schuler actually was the one who told us about the bill and helped us get in contact with Delegate Hammen. We are now all working together to give Maryland the best bottle bill.

What is going to make ours the best? Well, now that you ask, our goal is not to start controversy or to fight the lobbyists, rather to make a bill that while everybody will not be happy with, most people are.

What is in the bill? Stay tuned…

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